Cause of Death Prior to his death, he was the leader of the Cabin Group, all of whom were escaped Howe's Hardware refugees, prior to … Following Martinez's death, Pete becomes the de-facto leader of the Camp. Luke and Pete are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse, and as Luke and Nick knew each other for 20 years prior to the apocalypse it can be assumed that Pete was also associated with Luke also. If Clementine helps Nick at the end of "All That Remains" and decides to drink the whiskey Nick offers her at the beginning of "A House Divided", Pete's full name is revealed as "Peter Joseph Randall". Pete's personality provides a sharp and equalising contrast to Michonne's own nature. However, Pete may mention that he attended a boarding school in San Bernardino, California, and that he started smoking in June 1963 while he was there. Help Pete (Alive): If the player chooses Pete, Clementine will sprint over the river to help him. Nick was about her age, and after he wasn't able to shoot a deer, nearly gut shot Pete as he cries. Pete once took Nick on a hunting trip where they spotted a roe buck when he was about Clementine's age. Rebecca and Pete are fairly good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. This has caused Nick to deeply resent Pete. After finding Pete's corpse or hearing of his death, Alvin, along with the rest of the group, was saddened. Historique Discussion (0) Commentaires Partager. Pete is the only member of the cabin survivors with a known last name. His amiable nature is first observed when he witnesses Michonne on the brink of committing suicide or during her attempt. Let him go - You let Pete make a distraction while you escape. Pete asks Clementine about her people's whereabouts, because he and Luke do not believe that she has been fending for herself off on her own. Mort: Abattu d'une balle dans la tête par Rick. Great speech from Rick Grimes after he tries to kill Pete. After finding Pete's corpse, Sarah, along with the rest of the group, was saddened. She finds his body behind a rock, shot and disemboweled alongside a number of walkers. Nick's father was rarely around and was described by Pete as a real "piece of shit when he was", so Pete assumed a fatherly role with Nick. Statut: Décédé. Luke and Pete save Clementine from a zombie attack in the woods near their cabin and bring her back to the group. Jessie Anderson est un des personnages principaux de la série télévisée The Walking Dead. Nevertheless of the debate, and what they suggested, Carlos, the doctor in the group, decides to lock Clementine in the shed, until the next morning, just to make sure whether or not she was telling the truth about the bite being from a dog. Initially, they trusted Carver as the leader, but after the disagreements between him and Luke about how they should run things in their community reached a boiling point, and the problem between Carver and Rebecca stirs everything up to the point where everything is unbearable, Pete, along with his family and a few others who agreed with Luke, decided to escape from the community. Pete is a minor character in the fifth and sixth seasons. Pete is a character first encountered in Issue 139 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. Un acteur de The Walking Dead pète les plombs dans le métro. Regaining her consciousness, Pete is seen within his group, debating on what they should do to Clementine. He seems to also be upset that he left the watch at the cabin, which was a gift from Pete and was the last thing to remind Nick of him. Cet article est une ébauche. Nevertheless he showed Clementine a certain level of trust, by trusting her words that it is not a walker bite. Clementine tells him that he should tell Nick about that. Pete says to Clementine that he is just trying to tell Nick to grow up. Pete acts almost like a father-figure to Luke, giving him advice on numerous occasions. After running through several distance from the scene, Luke, and Pete eventually walk slowly, as they introduce themselves to Clementine, and ask Clementine several questions. Help Nick (Dead): If Clementine chooses to run over to Nick, Pete is devoured by walkers as both Clementine and Nick watch helplessly. Nick is later seen copiously drinking, presumably trying to forget his uncle's death (Determinant). Pete appears in this episode if Clementine chose to help him at the end of "All That Remains", locked in a cigarette truck to escape from pursuing walkers. When Luke and the others find Pete's corpse, Luke hugs Nick, showing that Pete's death somehow has an impact for him, almost like losing a father prior to the apocalypse. Ethnicity Clementine will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Pete Docter has overseen some of the best movies at Pixar, but the famed animator is taking a step back from the director's chair these days. "All That Remains" or "A House Divided" Weekend Update's resident young person shares his fears about the zombie apocalypse, mainly that he'll be mistaken for a zombie. Aside from his unnamed sister, Pete is the only cabin member that never meets. While discussing the cabin survivors, Carver asked if they trusted Clementine, to which she replies that Pete trusted her. Pete will begrudgingly go along with this, but regardless he will be unable to outrun the walkers and sacrifices himself for Clementine. If Clementine chooses to tell Nick that Pete was scared in his final minutes, Nick profusely denies her claim. Later on in the debate, Pete suggests the group to just hack Clementine's hand off, because when he was down in Ainsworth with his cousin, he got bit, and hacked his hand off, and it worked. I'd fill that teacup with some bourbon if I could. Regardless, Pete seems to not feel ill towards it, understanding that she's simply stressed due to her pregnancy. Reggie and Pete have known each other during their time in Howe's and were on good and friendly terms. Alvin frantically asks who would want to do such thing, Pete volunteers to do so if it means saving Clementine's life. "We need each other now more than ever. His sister was killed by a reanimated survivor she had tried to help. One of the bodies is Roman, whom shot in the face by someone unknown. As Nick's own father was apparently very ill-mannered and had irrational outbursts similar to those Nick expresses, Pete took it as his responsibility to raise him correctly. Clementine can either accept his offer to distract the walkers for her or insist he comes with her so he can say goodbye to Nick. Knowing that he would not make it, he selflessly sacrifices himself to distract the walkers so that Clementine can escape. Nick feels embarrassed, so he yells at Pete and leaves him with Clementine as he walks to the river by himself. Vous pouvez aider la communauté en le développant. At some point after the outbreak, Pete became aware of a cousin being bitten near a place called Ainsworth. Walker Pete [Photo du jour] - The Walking Dead. When Nick almost shot her in the face, Pete says to Nick angrily that he is lucky not being able to shoot a damn thing. Image Gallery. In … Aaron est un des personnages principaux de la série télévisée The Walking Dead. (Unnamed) - Sister (Deceased)Nick - Nephew (Deceased)(Unnamed) - Cousin(Unnamed) - Brother-In-Law Âge: La trentaine . Carver doubtfully asked if she was sure, indicating that he thought that Pete was not to be trusted and that the two distrusted each other. (Alive, Determinant)Shot in the head by an unknown person. Pete comments on the girl was "tough as nails" before Nick demands to know where she got those supplies to sew her arm up with. Pete is the first named cabin survivor to die. The Walking Dead saison 9 : La saison 8 de The Walking Dead n'est pas encore terminée que le départ prochain de Lauren Cohan (Maggie) semble se confirmer. Prior to his death, he was the leader of the Cabin Group, all of whom were escaped Howe's Hardware refugees, prior to the arrival of Clementine, along with his nephew Nick. Luke and Pete are visually concerned. Pete scolds Luke not to include that to the debate. "Sometimes you gotta play a role...even if it means people you love hate you for it" If Clementine saved Pete instead of Nick, Nick returns to the cabin and tells Luke that Pete and Clementine had gone missing, and he has shown to be in a great concern of the two, judging from his decision of finding them without even thinking for his own safety and Alvin's, whom he asked to join him finding the two. Pete eventually tells her to be quiet as she reprimands Clementine for stealing supplies, which again frustrates Rebecca. He can also mention that his father said "We're burning daylight" often. She either accepts this offer, leading to him repeatedly starting the truck's engine to get the zombies' attention, or insists that he accompany her, so he can say goodbye to Nick. Mid 50s to Early 60s After finding Pete's corpse or hearing of his death, Carlos, along with the rest of the group, was saddened. Elle est interprétée par Alexandra Breckenridge et doublée en version française par Laura Préjean. Stop Pete - You stop Pete and he will accompany you during your escape. While Luke is helping Clementine to stand up, Pete is seen covering them with his crossbow, using all of his bolts. When the group is recaptured and sent back to Howe's, they are greeted by Reggie. If Clementine chooses to save Nick, Pete is devoured by walkers while Nick and Clementine watch helplessly. Interest Pages Media TV & Movies TV Show The Walking Dead Fun-Group Videos Preparing for 2021 ~Pete~ #TheWalkingDead #BehindTheScenes His body is later discovered disemboweled and with a gunshot wound in his head, but Clementine notes that he didn't have a gun, meaning that someone else must have shot him. He is portrayed by Mike Lawler. Viewer discretion is advised. Reggie, who hadn't been told of Pete's fate yet, asked where he was. Pete later went out and found the buck, killed it and took it back to his sister's house to show to Nick, which caused Nick to not speak to his uncle for weeks. Pete and Sarah are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. The Walking Dead est une série de comic books américains en noir et blanc, scénarisée par Robert Kirkman et dessinée par Tony Moore puis Charlie Adlard, publiée par Image Comics depuis 2003. Despite their strained relationship, they still love each other dearly. Pete tells Clementine that he just wanted to let her people know that he and Luke just wanted to help her. If Clementine saved Pete in "All That Remains", they escape the walkers but end up trapped in a storage truck. Go to Peter for the disambiguation of people named Peter. Then after revealing it to the group, he would stay back in the cabin to hold off Carver's group as Carver was supposed to be revealed in Episode 3 rather than at the end of the second episode. Habitat: Alexandria. (Determinant)He approaches her without judgement of her circumstance… (Before Reanimation or Zombified, Determinant) Like Luke, Pete is friendlier to Clementine than the others at first, but does not disagree with Carlos on locking Clementine in their shed, fearful of Carver's involvement. After seeing the group's sorrowful faces, he construed Pete had died, and became saddened. After Carlos allows her inside to properly check her wound, he complains about the number of lurkers in the area growing. Nick was forced to shoot his mother in the head in order to prevent the reanimation process. Pete used to go hunting with his nephew, Nick, before the outbreak. Pete and Alvin are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. These deaths are considered non-canon and result in a game over. Astounded by Clementine's skill in attaining supplies from them without their knowledge and somehow being able to suture her own wound, he defends her from Rebecca's accusations and says that she would do the same thing in Clementine's position. It was written by Angela Kang and directed by Michael E. Satrazemis. If you chose the first option, Pete will be on the boat with you. After the rest of the group returns from their search for Clementine, Nick, and Pete, they decide to head for a distant mountain range due the threat of Carver. He is the younger brother of Mitch and is also a member of Caesar Martinez's camp. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unsubscribe. From the latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15. After the brief conversation about Rebecca, Pete asks Clementine about whether or not she could shoot a rifle, and tells her a story about this one time, when he and Nick went out hunting. Pete Anderson. Daryl est un expert à la chasse, le suivi des pistes (le pistage) et son arme fétiche est l'arbalète. Devoured by walkers. A timeline of confrontations between Rick and "PorchDick" Pete. Hair Pete's early life is never gone into detail, however, judging by his accent, skills, and attitude, it can be assumed that he came from a working-class family in the American South. Pete and Carlos are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. Level-headed, good natured, charismatic, pacifistic, accommodating and notably considerate are suitable words for Pete, who is adept at negotiating situations and using his words to solve problems as opposed to violence. Pete asks her to take care of Nick for him, and tells her she needs to get back to the cabin. One day, they found a girl who was bitten in the woods. If you let him go, you will not see Pete in this episode anymore. The group then found a cabin in the woods, eventually deciding to use the cabin as their shelter for a time being until the group figured out where to go next.

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