Jeff Daniels com a Theodore, dit Teddy, Sanders, el director de la NASA. Like. Sean Bean com a Mitch Henderson, el director de la missió Ares III. Do you have a favorite among them? 2015 Okt 26 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh Lauren Kyle. The anger focuses on the character of Mindy Park, who is described as Korean-American in the book and played by white actor Mackenzie Davis, and … Share. Mindy Park. Mark/Mindy ship, only if you want it to be; but a friendship fic to be sure. LitCharts Teacher Editions. For the Ares III Crew, she became much more; because at NASA, First Is Forever. -- Mindy Park . Mindy Park became a favorite, as well as the somewhat volatile Annie Montrose, head of NASA’s media relations. lits de Mission Control, la primera persona que s'adona que Watney és viu. Weir has subsequently stated that he personally thought that she was Korean-American but that the movie casting was perfectly fair and equitable given her name and what limited physical descriptions were available to the casting agents and director.. Mindy is a low-level analyst who works at SatCon. He asked us to call him Captain Blondebeard. For more information about Mindy Park