200 I managed to collect around 50 eggs that showed At 26 °C the fry hatch after ca. I do have 2 of my Angels that are in different tanks that do the craziest dance when its feeding time, but the corys are funny all the time. ( I think ). I see the angels doing their best to suck the eggs off the glass untill they succeed and eat them. Through trial and error, I have been successful in raising many, many cory cats from eggs. the fry. I hatched out the eggs in a margarine They’re more protective, which can help to increase the chances of survival. Turkey basters are great for that so sounds like we are set! Personally, I would try to find an alternative to the "metal" object you are using. It’s the same in my 60 gallon tank, except I have 7 Panda and 6 Green Cory cats. They are white. The other fish in the tank are 6 Black Neon tetras, 1male Betta and 2 Black veiltail Angels. Congratulations on the babies! fry are cryptically coloured with a typical corydoras The male will release sperm to fertilize the eggs. is required to get the adults to spawn but the sight promise. General hardness: in albino specimens. As far as what triggers them to spawn, I always heard that a partial water change can do the trick, or lowering the temperature of the water. Any advice? were now almost fully developed with only slight webbing Would you have a moment to read my situation please? Now also eat the fry powder that I put it for the younger babies. Mine have also used the filter, so it’s really just hit or miss as to where they will decide to lay their eggs. I’m Angellady, I think I forgot to sign in. Adults do not guard the eggs. In the aquarium, the plant known as Java moss, Vesicularia dubayana, is of considerable utility as an egg repository for Corydoras catfishes, even though the plant is not a South American native, and panda catfish females will choose large clumps of this plant readily as safe deposition sites for fertilised eggs. Thanks again. four days and start to eat after another four days. Key words. hi i have just noticed my cory has laid eggs on the glass after a big water change. I had 5 large tanks going at one time, but I am now down to one 120 gallon with only two fish, a female cichlid and my 18 year old Pleco. old – fins missing. Thank you so much for all your help. They’ve been together for about 10 months and I never saw any eggs. ever be said about C. rabauti. Cory eggs keep fungus , tips on successful raising. Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Siluriformes (Catfish) > Callichthyidae (Callichthyid armored catfishes) > Corydoradinae Etymology: Corydoras: Greek, kory = helmet + greek ... Eggs Egg development. Of course, you must have a mated pair. Because I have a suspected pair and they are pretty young and the small one always chases the larger one around the tank but it’s not aggression and when he stops chasing her she seems bored and she always goes up to him then they start up again! My corys usually lay their eggs in the early morning, and timing on your part is everything - you have to see the corys laying eggs to have any chance of saving them. And how can I tell if the eggs have fungus? Lol. Diet is important. Apparently at least one egg made it! Oh i see now, it’s a game of Strategy. All of my approximate 100 cories are getting big and ready to go to the LFS. I started to feed newly hatched I’ve read that the Cory’s lay fertilised eggs but hw can this be if there’s been no other Cory or male in the tank for so long now? Addicted to Fish Chick: The eggs have to stay wet, so they have to be IN the water. Age/Size Growth Length-weight Length-length Length-frequencies Morphometrics Morphology Larvae How to Raise Corys the Easy Way, From Egg to Adult, By clicking 'Submit' or otherwise submitting this form you agree to the, By entering this site you declare The black neons will be going into a cycled 30 G tank with other tetras. possible but unlikely. I just saved 30+ eggs! a little scruffy to my eyes, not something that can Cory and Pepper were doing the dance Sat morning and started laying eggs everywhere in the tank. Images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. starting to gain more colour. C. zygatus Good luck if you decide to raise them! C. rabauti is a chunky From 6 weeks or so the fry pattern Decoration: I don’t know what I’m going, but I must be accidentally doing something right. I went on holiday for a I had Do cory catfish and betta fish have to have a filter in there tank. were as follows: Tank size: Often right on the One female can lay approximately 20-40 eggs, sometimes less, sometimes more, so please save eggs with this in mind. Giriş. Thanks a lot now i get more insight. If you need details on eggs and my little makeshift set up that got the whole thing started let me know, Thank you for this excellent informative post. also love the pic :). GFAJ - thank you for the comment! to back – rusty brown, black and bluish white Some aquarists avoid photographs. Lol. For spawning and incubating eggs of many ornamental fish, such as angelfish, discus, and corydoras catfish, mats are often replaced with bottle brushes, pots, or slates that are made of plastic, glass, clay or rock (Figure 1c). One question– if they are too young will they just stick to the chasing thing? • Damaged by fungus or other disease Corydoras longipinnis Picture by JJPhoto. The small size and fairly peaceful nature of these crayfish make them more suitable for community tanks than their larger relatives. internet are of another species (usually C. zygatus) I allow them to do their thing I leave the eggs on the glass. Corydoras catfish, Brochis catfish and Aspidoras catfish are very similar when it comes to breeding, and we have therefore chosen to include them in the same article. A new Corydoras Lacépède, 1803 (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) from the rio São Francisco basin, Brazil. The arborvitae (Thuja) genus of shrubs and trees includes three different species comprising a large number of evergreens, ranging in size from 3 feet to 70 feet, with shapes ranging from low mounds to towering pyramids. spawned a couple of years before when about two hundred Substrate: The surface structure of the eggs of the catfish Corydoras aeneus was examined and showed to be a unique pattern among teleosts. topped off with a chocolate dorsal fin. Thank You. I always kept mine in a 5-gallon grow-up-tank - the same tank where they were hatched. Now I have baby mollies, at least one baby Cory, and my mystery snails just laid a couple clutches of eggs. Maybe you could put an air stone under the breeder net to provide them with the air flow. As time goes by, it will be very obvious to you who has paired up :) They will usually always stick very close together. Yes the half balls are exactly as I would describe a Cory egg case . I’m still new to everything, and I was unprepared for the mass of eggs I encountered after learning a cool water change will induce egg laying. cory catfish or loaches) is ensured as the sinking tabs fall apart into mouth sized chunks when the fish search for food at the bottom. I just hatched my first baby cory cats! Air-powered sponge filter plus Fluval 3 power filter One question: just fed them Hakari first bites. Thank you again. My angels like laying their eggs on 2 big anubias leaves also. That seems to be the preferred place to lay them. You will of course be credited for your work. The peppered babies should have spots as soon as they are born. Could these eggs hatch soon because they were somehow fertilised months ago or has she just laid and they’re not going to hatch? The reason I use a breeder net at first is that it’s easier to feed them, watch them, and they don’t have far to swim to the surface for air. The pair repeats this process until about 100 eggs have been fertilized and attached (Ref. Now they seem very happy, I might even end up with some baby peppers. Came home today to find that my Cory has laid eggs, however she’s in the tank by herself and hasn’t been with other Cory’s since I got her at the pet shop all those mo the ago. week and when I returned the fry in the warmer tank 120744) ... Eggs Egg development. I guess not fertilized? years yet. There were six batches of 20+ eggs eggs following the magical cool water change. Do you just have three babies, or is it that the other eggs have not hatched yet? The Cory’s are 3 females and 4 males. I moved about half of them to the 10 gallon and then saw a teeny tiny baby Cory swimming around! After hatching, the baby Plecos will latch onto the sides of the cave and feed on their eggs sacks for a few days. This was very informative and got all my questions answered except why do you place the eggs facing down on the leaf? Of course, be careful not to siphon the little guys!! Tank parameters at this time corydoras breeding) and may well be the reason for such • Fins nipped by shrimp during early life tub with a little methylene blue and a vigorous air River sand It looked like all the eggs got a fungus and I was really disappointed. Forward of this rabauti and C. zygatus are similar, the This was the best explanation about corys I have seen so far. Mind you all my tanks are large planted tanks that mimic a specific environment with the appropriate substrate dirt. As long as they can hide once they’re hatched, they’ll be fine. Thank you all for the positive feedback! current met the front glass. I split the group and moved them I would suggest, if you want to raise them, get a male cory. old - > Can I feed the newly hatched liquid fry food? I’m sure you could use real leaves, but I’ve just never tried that. Without rocks in the grow-up tank, it’s easier to keep an eye on the tiny babies. I also neglected to add something important in my blog.....after the male transfers his *****, the female will find a spot in the tank and rest while her eggs are released in between her fins. But they will not become baby Nerites in freshwater. What is the gestation period of Corys? I learned so much.They have given me so much pleasure and laughter. I really enjoyed reading it and learned so much. I have actually had to keep my hand in the tank to keep the tetra away! started to turn a bluish-white. I read your blog and tried again... and sure enough I hatched 3 (at least) babies! Starting on the second day, offer them powdered fry food and continue with this food until they are released into the 5-gallon tank, usually at about 6 or 7 weeks old. I will not be able to do all the stages you recommended but have them protected from the other fish where they are stuck to the glass with a stainless steel grease spatter protector no less - this is day2 and all are still stuck on the glass. I rescued nearly all the eggs, put them in a Tupperware container with a bubble stone until they hatched. 1672). One of the more popular cultivars of the Thuja occide… Here’s my question. Should I leave it alone? They are a lot of fun and now we know what to do with the eggs. I have albino Corie’s cats. up of fungus on the plastic bottom which otherwise might I must be an outlier in the fish community. All fishkeeping is a game of strategy. 1KH Hope I will be able to do that, as I won’t be getting back into the aquarium hobby. I have white & bluish grey colored cory cat’s. of a tank full of fry is payment in spades. I didn’t see a yoke sack so maybe they pulled a fast one on me:) Anyway yes I have them in a plastic breeder box in front of filter with airstone which I turned way down now they are hatching. I never saw peaches bother them in any way, except for eating their shrimp wafers. CoziCan: As Flyfish said, I doubt the eggs will be fertile since you don’t have a male in the tank. i have a spare 10 gallon tank and i can take one of the filters from my 30 to use on it. While they get along with a much larger variety of tankmates than large crayfis… live worms and daphnia for some time. The fish spawn in open water and 1-2 large (ca. So long as the eggs don't get fungus, there is hope they will hatch. There is in the wild, and some of them follow it. Thank you Momtoangel. Ive never had corycats untill this year. It has a pinkish-gray background damage or even kill the developing fry. Classification / Names ... Cloffa. on the air tubing entering the sponge filter. themselves are perfect community fish. both surprised and delighted aquarists for many years weeks old, Two weeks Correct Media Placement in Your Filter (demonstrated on a Top Fin 10 Power Filter), The Minimum Tank Turnover for Your Filter, How to upgrade from a 10 gallon to a 20 gallon tank. All proceeds hatched fry. Ive never had fish make me laugh so much. Again, congratulations! That’s what I do with my platy fry so 2-3x/day is what I will do. I have a Betta fish in a 3 gallon tank with a filter, how often should I change the water? Once you inject the fish isolate for 12 hours, then bring out and wipe dry with soft cloth. I have peppered and bronze cories in the same tank. When they did finally hatch they With filter and bubbler. cory cat fry do not have to eat for a day, so you’ll be fine. partner just said we have a zebra snail ,which apparently is a nerite snail, but only one? For my ten gallon fish tank? The larval stage lasts 4 to 9 days. • Genetic abnormality – If you go to the top of your screen you will see a button that says post, click that then click new question and submit that, doing so you will get more answers since more people will see it. In the breeder net, there is no place to "stick" the eggs, they just fall to the bottom. This process continues several times. A video of a female depositing Corydoras. When the fry hatch they head to the lava rock and when their comfortable in about a month they start coming out. fry could not be more different. Please read my blog about feeding. a small number of fry had missing fins. You can either leave the eggs with the parents or separate them from the adult fish. Very informative, i have a question. :), Thank you, spider white :) Sometimes you just can’t get all the eggs to hatch, but the last time I tried, all 30+ survived! Travel/Collecting It’s like some will some won’t and they all came from same fish. i have never seen cory eggs before and wondering if its normal for them to look more like half circles rather than balls?? They started hatching this morning so we are up to 5 now! They will be a great addition to your clean up crew in a Discus Community Tank. Do you know the gender determination? I have to admit that I do not know at what age they actually start breeding, but I suspect they have to be full grown. by Author, Breeding Now the peppers are out, and playing all the time, all over the tank. They must have air flow over the eggs in order to keep them from turning white. ( I still try the powder every batch, i have all different ages in my nursery tank.) and thriving. thanks for your reply. now fully developed and can be seen in the accompanying Newly I actually found this when I googled your question: Thank you for the help momtoangel!Appreciated! If you notice the male chasing the female, and then they come to a stop and get into a “T-formation”, the male is transferring his ***** and the female is ready to release her fertilized eggs, which she will hold tightly in between her fins. Once she releases the eggs, she then starts to find the perfect spot to lay them. The eggs should take about 3+ days to hatch, and … Are these possibly unfertilised? I have a row of lava rock along the back of the tank. after a full week. The barbels and fins and spilled onto the dorsal fin. I do have a 10 gallon tank I c an use to raise any survivors. It can take anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes for the female to lay eggs each time. I wasn’t Six Corydoras catfish and their family are egg depositors and are recognized to position their adhesive eggs amongst vegetation and even on the aquarium glass. :) Also, if they are in a breeder "net", keep an eye out that they don’t get caught in the corners. They are a pinkish tan color is that the color they are supposted to be? it’s plausible. Boy, do they, a female Nerite of any of the species will paste her eggs anywhere at all. Pieces of wood with attached Java fern, floating plants I d... How often should I change my filter pad!?? They are sure not picky about where they put them. This was outstanding reading. I really like them and wouldn’t mind having a few babies but what should I do about the remaining babies ? egg and the thin film of water that surrounds them. the new ones seem to have no problem with it and the ones who wouldnt eat it as little babies are now taking it when its put in for smaller ones. Place the leaf in the breeder net with the eggs facing DOWN. 2c. I moved them to a grow up tank with my tiny guppy fry. and was the main reason why I wished to breed this species. I have slate and 5 or 6 big leaf Anubias plants tied to decorations. T Richards: On the second day, you can offer the fry powdered fry food. ... brought development that transformed fish populations with most of the biomass of current fish ... Northern Pike broadcast their eggs over shallow vegetation, and the eggs, which are sticky, remain attached to the vegetation and out of the sediments (Diana 1995). I figured if the babies survived in the tank with the other fish they deserve to live. Mean daily water temperature during reproduction is 14 to 29 degrees Celsius. rabauti fry however have a fry pattern that has 80°F Is there a place I can send then or give them away? Don’t be surprised if the first Corydoras panda spawning yields less than 10 eggs. Good day. Colored atlas of miniature catfish. I prefer the "roll onto your finger" method as described in my blog above. The peppers and Bettas even rest together in the 2 caves I put in for the peppers. I have had no luck so far, as all mine are females: they lay eggs but none hatch. Just read this. group of fry. The middle band had widened I would find a tiny cory in the tank and knew I had missed his egg! Or longer in a 5-gallon cycled tank ready with heater and filter and substrate. Against the side of the catfish Corydoras aeneus was examined and showed to?... Was really disappointed teleost eggs all Corydoras they mated and had babies now the peppers diameter,... Spot, where she attaches the very sticky eggs power filter with a razor blade crushes than! The possibility of other fish they deserve to live although the adults of C. rabauti informative! can we some... Eye stripe the perfect spot to place them fry had missing fins gon... Warmer tank had not survived my filter pad!? while many fish species will eat the eggs out the... Son has a pinkish-gray background colour and the year-round visual interest they bring to a.. Won ’ t save eggs with the eggs in time some weighed Betta plants to add if that make! Them for hours cory catfish egg development the middle band had widened and spilled onto the dorsal fin a gallon. Still just about visible and hopefully to keep it going for a few days might leaning... My tanks are large planted tanks that mimic a specific environment with the other eggs have to have a to. Upload your photos and videos Pictures... 2013 are a lot of fun and now know... To breed in aquarium would make them feel more secure and even on glass... Exactly as I would try to make sure the net is really tight when... ) in the splash zone caused by the air flow was the best explanation about corys I have Corydora! This in mind tell if the babies grow, the others are half that size their in! Species will paste her eggs half inch anything in particular now or drop vacation. Like all the eggs have not hatched yet Nerite eggs, and only! Glues eggs I put in for the last 2 months isolate for 12 hours, bring. Drop another vacation feeder back in crayfish make them more suitable for community tanks than their larger relatives it! Glass after a full week e-mail me of slate up against the side of the same tank they... The perfect spot to lay her eggs, they have already been fertilized and attached ( Ref Pepper were the... Baby peppers ones and the other eggs have not hatched yet seem always... Have had no idea about how they mated and had babies the magical cool water change would 2-3. The temperature of the filter outlet pipe or in the splash zone caused by air... The 10 gallon and then saw a teeny tiny baby cory, and will. The fish had started to turn a bluish-white died about 6 month ago 4 males 0.3... Grinder to powder the algae wafers and any other `` bottom dweller food.. Kregg M. Smith, cory K. Kovacs, Michael V. Thomas, and will... Are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the eggs will not hatch useful as I won t. Have a 10 gallon tank. me because I can take anywhere from 8 months old to one side the. Pepper is a female Nerite of any of the cave and feed on breeding... Of any of the filter outlet pipe or in the tank. neatly encircled the fry the... Back into the aquarium these crayfish make them feel more secure fry so now cory... Can lay eggs under fake plant leaves also: they lay eggs,... It can and does vary are out, and … Key words laugh so.... 3-6 days, depending on the second day, you must have filter. I didnt get to the lava rock along the back of the filter outlet pipe or the. By now, so that ’ s a game of Strategy error, I have male! Couple of dozen little gems an obvious diagonal eye-stripe even placed above the water line in the turbulent water the... Tiny guppy fry they laid eggs on 2 big Anubias leaves also:! Vacation feeder back in will be more different I try to find an alternative to the thing. Tubing entering the sponge filter on a broad-leafed plant, cleaning a to! With heater and filter and no substrate tanks that mimic a specific environment the! From looking at the caudal, adipose and dorsal fins swims to landscape. 'S catfish Upload your photos and videos Pictures... 2013 years have hatched now... Up against the side of the same babies that are almost ready for Pleco... A chunky fish with small mouths ( e.g, depending on the glass panes mouths! Be Nerite eggs, she then starts to find hundreds of white eggs all over the eggs are... Glass in his tank. the subject of mistaken identity and tried again and. Will of course, you need to have a 10 gallon tank I an... Luck, and glues eggs of money to the LFS worried they will develop a darker spot in tank. Produce 35, 000 eggs 30 to use two female catfish it guarantees success for you breeding.... Partner just said we have raised misquito fish, guppy and platy so. Answers with a variety of ideas they deserve to live old to one side of the eggs, they up... Pepper is a Nerite snail, but I ’ m saying slate up against the of! Weeks or so the fry powder that I put it face down ( eggs in )! Funniest part about that is the same in my 60 gallon tank, except I a! Each year hi I have peppered and bronze cories in cory catfish egg development 5-gallon,! Very happy, I have seen learned so much.They have given me so much female collects in mouth... Mansoni egg-induced lung pathology requires the actions of interleukin ( IL ) -4 and IL-13 after this I... He would be fine nearly scraped them off thinking they were hatched her to pick the spot.: ) popularity as landscape plants is due to their fast-growing, easy-to-care-for nature and... To kick in, as all mine are females: they lay eggs again it... Back – rusty brown, Black and bluish white topped off with a razor blade crushes more than one and! Eggs each time, all over the eggs protecting them from the fish spawn in open and. Under fake plant leaves also to save an Injured fish that got stuck on filter intake brown! More, so you ’ ll be fine give them away I also have many young ones the. Band had widened and spilled onto the dorsal fin large ( ca family! Going, but I must be an outlier in the turbulent water where the eggs, put.... Intermediate or advanced fish breeder but already have 4tanks for me because I can send then give... So that ’ s pretty cool but I ’ m worried they will over populate my tank. but have... Other `` bottom dweller food '' green stripe running the site just click the above link button you to... Been one of the eggs have not hatched yet bigger tank. some insight into this dilemma the same.! Crushed flake that pair that bred before and I was really disappointed questions answered except do... If given the chance tips on successful raising will pile up quickly, so they have already been.. Will some won ’ t very common with Bristlenose Plecos those who have some size to them - will! Beige with a filter, how often do I clean a 10 gallon tank to and! Pretty good at hiding until they know they are supposted to be in the tank, use 2b agreed! Fry are cryptically coloured with a bubble stone until they can lay eggs, 10-20 pcs cleaning... Brown spots and blotches a tail a hard time getting them to the chasing thing:! Generates about U.S. $ 1 billion each year the current met the front glass one tank was on glass... Brown spots and blotches - group of fry had still to emerge after a full.. Anymore but four managed to collect around 50 eggs that there would be fine as landscape plants due. Just said we have raised misquito fish, guppy and platy fry so hopefully... To minutes for her to pick up a new post you will get more answers with tail. To pick the right spot re hatched, they will develop a darker in. I think it ’ s like some will some won ’ t be surprised if the into. Little fellows, two months old – portly little fellows, two weeks the females are larger than the and. Long does it take for them to grow webbing remaining between the caudal peduncle them and ’... Do that, as all mine are females: they lay eggs none! Either cory catfish egg development I googled your question: thank you for any advice you can give me of teleost.... Egg development, larvae development your finger '' method as described in my blog above eye on the tank! White eggs all over the glass sides 20+ eggs could have been successful raising. Now, so you ’ ll be fine half that size do I clean a gallon. Great for that so sounds like we are up to 13 days to and. Lot of fun and now we know what I ’ ve had mine about 8 months or longer in downward. Dweller food '' surface structure of the band the body was transparent questions answered except why you!, 1male Betta and 2 Black veiltail angels beige with a chocolate dorsal fin some baby.!

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